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Find Your Squad.

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Sales Squad, a sales peer group community powered by Sales Homie, helps its members develop broader selling and revenue-generating techniques and best practices, inside a creative, inspiring, and innovative environment.

Join the Leading Sales Peer Group Community for Revenue Generation and Development Professionals!

Sales Squad Peer Group Advantages:

Executive Facilitation

Sr. Sales Leaders facilitate Sales Squads to help mentor and guide discussions.

Networking & Learning

Sales Squads introduce and expose your sales employees to other industry professionals and best practices.

Development & Retention

Peer groups provide continuous professional development and aid employee retention. 

Group Seflie
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Find Your Squad and elevate your career!





Expand your selling and customer network by 10X and more!

Years of sales and revenue generating experience within each group!

Your Sales Squad will help hold you accountable to reach your goals! Only 60% of sales professionals meet quota. (Hubspot)

Every $1 invested in sales training returned $29 in incremental revenues.



Interested in Membership?

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